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MDF and her mum visit Uluru

MDF and her mum went to visit Uluru – formerly known as Ayers Rock. I didn’t go, so I don’t have much to tell you about it – except that MDF’s mum THOUGHT IT WAS AWESOME (not her exact words … Continue reading

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Census Day

Census day in Australia today – they have one every 10 years just like in Pommie Land – in fact they have them in the same exact years – YES – they copy us Pommies for EVERYTHING… MDF’s mum was … Continue reading

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Little Corellas

Hey a new bird! After 10 months in Sydney we found a new bird called a Corella – they look a bit like cockatoos, but without the yellow crests – so maybe we saw them before but didn’t notice. They … Continue reading

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Palm Beach

CLOSER EACH DAY….  Home and Away… LA LA LA (MUSIC) 🙂 Palm Beach is famous(ish) for being Summer Bay on the HIT TV show Home and Away. It’s a LONG bus ride from Sydney CBD – getting towards 90 minutes … Continue reading

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Time for a new animal! Down in the valley of the Blue Mountains there was a Lyrebird. Only one 😦 Also, this was an unspectacular one wihout an exciting colourful tail that they are known for – but hey – … Continue reading

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The Blue Mountains (again)

Yes! Back to the Blue Mountains! It’s lovely up there. This merits a third entry because we did a bunch of different things. First of all we went with MDF’s mum. Second of all we had an AWESOME breakfast.  Third … Continue reading

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MDF’s Mum arrived and the sun shines

Summer time is HERE! Well, actually mid-winter, but it sure feels like summer. After the misery of last week’s rain, the sun has come out EVERY DAY. It’s around 20 degrees. YEAH MAN – we are happy Pommies. We are … Continue reading

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