The Blue Mountains (again)

Yes! Back to the Blue Mountains! It’s lovely up there. This merits a third entry because we did a bunch of different things. First of all we went with MDF’s mum. Second of all we had an AWESOME breakfast.  Third of all, we went to Scenic World.

Scenic World is essentially two cable cars, a train, a gift shop, a cafe, and some boardwalks in the rainforest at the bottom of the valley. You can get one ticket for all the options, so you take a horizontal cable car across the gaping crevasse, then a train down to the valley, then you walk on the boardwalk in the rainforest, then take a different cable car back up. It’s a bit touristy-tacky, but pretty fun. The rainforest down there is very nice – and we even saw a Lyrebird – YES HOW COOL IS THAT?!

The train down is well steep – like a ROLLERCOASTER – people even screamed (only the wimpy uncool ones – not us)

It took around 5 hours for the whole experience including the walk to and from Katoomba train station, and the compulsory coffee and cake stops.

We ended the day at the Carrington (this is mandatory on a trip to the Blue Mountains, as it’s by Katoomba station). It’s a great posh old-fashioned hotel/pub. We Pommies love that type of thing.

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