MDF’s Mum arrived and the sun shines

Summer time is HERE! Well, actually mid-winter, but it sure feels like summer. After the misery of last week’s rain, the sun has come out EVERY DAY. It’s around 20 degrees. YEAH MAN – we are happy Pommies.

We are blaming the great weather on the arrival of MDF’s mum, who has come over from Pommie land to visit for 5 weeks. In the end, it was actually sunny for nearly every day of those 5 weeks (this is not a ‘live’ entry of course).  MDF’s mum initially refused to believe it was mid-winter – yeah it’s very confusing for us Pommies with this weird weather and backwards season thing. To make it more confusing, they have this thing called ‘Christmas in July‘… what kind of idea is that?!

As soon as MDF’s mum arrived we went on a tourism extravaganza. Each day we would expect the weather to turn crap again, but it just kept going. In less than a week MDF’s mum covered:

The Opera House, Sydney Tower Skywalk, Botanical Gardens, Walk to South Head, Manly and lots of ferry rides…

And still the sun shines… 🙂 🙂

Random picture of a fountain in Sydney

Random picture of a fountain in Sydney

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