Whale Watching

It was my BIRTHDAY – Whoo Hoo! – and this Pommie was going Whale Watching. It very nearly didn’t happen due to the WORST WEATHER ever seen in Sydney – it was pretty bad – flooding, rain, winds – FOR A WHOLE WEEK. On the first day that it slightly calmed down – the day AFTER my birthday – we chanced it.

The seas were pretty rough still, and at the start they offered for anyone to re-book without cost, due to the high seas – GULP! However, we were taking no chances, and we took some seasickness prevention pills – this is the first time I’ve ever tried these – looks like they might have worked. There were definitely some seasick people on the boat – BUT NOT US 🙂

We went with www.whalewatchingsydney.net, and they were pretty good. Very excellent boat, good commentary, free coffee and biscuits. It departs directly from Circular Quay – so also convenient.

We did see whales – and some of them very close up – but they weren’t being very active – not even a tail in the air – LOSER WHALES. Still, it was great to see them, and we’ll surely go again to make sure we see them jumping out of the water. It’s called ‘breaching‘ – and apparently they REALLY DO jump totally out of the water! (This is Humpback Whales we are talking about – common around Sydney in winter/spring time)

It’s quite hard to take good pictures with a portable camera and no big zoom, so they have an onboard photographer who takes pictures and sells you a CD of them at the end – so you’ve got a picture of the whale that you actually saw 🙂

They also throw in some ‘highlight’ pics from other trips, so you can see just how unspectacular your particular whale was compared to other more exciting whales.

Our best picture of a whale

Our best picture of a whale

Their best picture of a whale

Their best picture of a whale

Very exciting whale from a different trip to ours...

Very exciting whale from a different trip to ours...

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