Julian Assange and Snowtown

Julian Assange mural - Sydney

Julian Assange mural - Sydney

We had two aims for today:

1) Find the (sort-of) famous mural of Julian Assange somewhere in the back-streets of Stanmore.

2) Go to the cinema.

We accomplished these goals by going on a long walk from Balmain over to Newtown via Stanmore. A bit of internet research had indicated that this was the prime trajectory to accomplish both these goals. Being Pommies and not native Sydneysiders we chose to walk rather than drive.

The mural was pretty cool, and we saw a few other good bits of graffitti mural type things along the way.

The film was called Snowtown – another Australian film to help us Pommies assimilate into the alien Australian culture. This film was based on the true story of the ‘bodies in the barrels‘ murders in the 90s. Now that sounds like a clue that it might be grim – BUT HOLY CRAP – IT WAS GRIM – SUPER GRIM. “I think I feel a bit sick” said MDF when we came out… Yeah, it was amazingly depressing – I’m not sure if I recommend it…

Other bits of street mural stuff:

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