What is Football?

Here in Australia there is great confusion about what they call ‘Football’. Yes – that’s right. And not just the American type of confusion where it’s wrongly called Soccer – no much worse than that – THEY CALL PRETTY MUCH EVERY SPORT WITH A BALL FOOTBALL! (Maybe a minor exaggeration)

So Rugby League, Rugby Union, Australian Rules Football, and Proper Football ARE ALL CALLED FOOTBALL – yeah what the hell is that about? Actually they are all called ‘Footy’ as well, but I digress.

They are known as the different ‘codes’ of Football, and depending on which State you are in have varying popularities. Basically in NSW and Queensland everyone watches Rugby League (the NRL), and everywhere else it’s Australian Rules Football (the AFL)

They have even invented a line that splits the country across the two popular types of Football. It’s called the Barassi Line. Yeah – weird isn’t it?

Sadly, proper football is not as popular as either of the other ‘codes’ 😦

If you see someone playing football in the park – it’s usually a Pommie.

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