Sydney Swans vs. Collingwood

MDF knew someone from where she was volunteering who had special corporate tickets to an Aussie Rules Football game. They couldn’t go – so MDF and I got the tickets! YES – Pommies on the loose to learn about Aussie Rules Football and seamlessly integrate into the culture! 🙂 (Lesson 1 – don’t call it a ‘pitch’ – it’s an ‘oval’ – yeah WHATEVER… 🙂 )

It was a full on ‘corporate’ experience and I EVEN HAD TO WEAR A SUIT – OMG. We were at a table with guys from SBS (that’s telly) and the AFL themselves – OH YEAH – hobnobbing with the bigwigs. We got a three course dinner, and FREE BOOZE!  There was also a game of some kind of ‘football’ 🙂

Actually, we really got into the game by the end – it was Sydney Swans vs. Collingwood – GO THE SWANS! (They lost 93-99) I think AFL is much better than any of the Rugby – but I’m living in the wrong state for that – ah well.

It was also Red Nose Day – so we all got to wear red noses in the ANZ Stadium – HOW MUCH EXCITEMENT CAN A POMMIE HAVE IN ONE NIGHT!

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