Vivid Sydney

Sydney is supposedly not as ‘cool’ as Melbourne arts-wise. OH YEAH? So where is your festival of light Melbourne? AH YES – You don’t have a nice Opera House to shine your lights on? DO YOU?

Anyway, Vivid Sydney is a winter event that lasts a couple of weeks, and is basically an open-air art exhibition based on light, smack in the middle of the city. I tell you – IT WAS GREAT.

There are a bunch of low-level type exhibits, like a giant laser light pen you can move around, riding a bike to power some lights, a wall that you can splash ‘paint’ made of light on by waving your arms around etc. Plus the MAJOR things like the fact that the Opera House has a light show projected on its sails, there are leaping flames in the harbour, and Customs House has a sound and light show projected on it that makes it looks like it’s made of water, fire, crumbling etc. IT WAS AWESOME.

We went on a COLD Wednesday night, so it was very quiet too. The pictures don’t do it justice – it was WELL spectacular…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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