Snakes and shopping at Chatswood

Yeah, so this was a Sunday, and MDF was out somewhere or other, and I needed to get some new clothes, so I went to Chatswood. Yeah of course where else would I go shopping.

I wasn’t very inspired and wandered round thinking how lame all these clothes shops are, and how I hate buying clothes etc etc, blah blah. MDF tells me that clothes shopping in Australia is ABSOLUTELY CRAP. They have nothing any good, and it’s overpriced.

Come to think of it, lots of Australians say that too. Someone said to me that they go to Hawaii once a year and buy all their clothes there. I MEAN REALLY – it’s got to be pretty bad if you have to fly to another country to get your clothes…

Anyway, I ended up buying all my clothes in Lowes – I don’t think it’s known for it’s fashionability, but THEY HAD SOME GOOD DEALS! 🙂

It’s pretty cold in June (relatively speaking) and MDF and I were tired of the wind blowing in through the very large gaps under our front and back doors. So I was tasked with buying some ‘snakes’ – they stop the wind coming in.

I happily found some snakes at the bargain price of $2 each so I snapped them up.

This isn’t a particularly good story is it? I’ll cheer you up with a snake picture:

Check out the snakes

Check out the snakes


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