Bananas are worth more than gold!

Well – I haven’t done an exact comparision, but let me present the evidence:

How much did these bananas cost?

How much did these bananas cost?

This is the receipt for the above bananas…

The bananas cost $11.64

The bananas cost $11.64

What you can see here, is that those 5 bananas cost $11.64, which is in fact $2.33 per banana. Yes – that means that a banana costs: £1.56

I AM NOT JOKING – a banana really costs around £1.56. They don’t always cost this much, the Queensland hurricane wiped out the all the banana crops, so there’s not enough bananas to go round – and they are NOT ALLOWED to import any from anywhere else – because of fruit diseases and also a good old-fashioned bit of trade protection…

Apparently banana prices will come down in October – that’s a long time to have to pay more than $2 per banana 😦

BTW – Gold seems to cost around £32,000 per kilo, so perhaps I’ve been exaggerating a little…

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