Trip to Brisvegas! Yay! That’s Brisbane to us non-locals. I’m not entirely sure why it’s called ‘Brisvegas’ – someone must be taking the piss somewhere?! It’s about as appropriate as Leedsvegas…

Luckily for me, a local I know was in town – and because of that we got to eat practically the best Salt and Pepper tofu ever made – in what could only be described as a video game parlour. Also got picked up at the airport and driven to the top of a giant hill overlooking the city – excellent! Evening entertainment was a place SO SO trendy it could even be in Shoreditch, London. I KID YOU NOT!

Famous in Brisbane is place called The Valley – properly known as Fortitude Valley – where everyone goes out. IT’S WEIRD MAN – This Pommie was well disconcerted – it’s a bit like a cross between a UK town centre high street, and a trashy resort in Spain. A series of bars and eateries, lots of pissed up people and lots of bouncers on every doorway.

Being civilised (and old) Pommies – we were in a coffee place, and the waiter there – a young, student looking person – confided in us that he was a bit nervous as ‘It was his first Friday night working in the Valley’ – hmmm.

Other places that we explored were: Roma Street Parklands – a quite nice set of gardens,  Manly – a small seaside village – no relation to the REAL Manly, which of course is in Sydney, and the South Bank – an artsy area by the river.

We also did the rather cool Story Bridge Climb – one of only three bridge climbs in the world – HOW COOL ARE WE?

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