The Royal Easter Show

The Royal Easter Show is a Sydney Institution –  every year at Easter – a cross between an old-fashioned county fair and a tacky funfair.

A summary of attractions:

  • junky food stalls
  • funfair rides
  • showbags – showbags are basically garish plastic bags full of junk, usually with some global sponsor’s merchandise inside. They range in price from a few dollars to over $50, and kids at the show demand them from their parents. They could be fun for a kid – they are generally full of crap plastic toys or junky sweets – is that what kids like? But I have never seen so much useless tat in my entire life! I must be getting old. There are literally HUNDREDS of different kinds – all for sale in a GIANT warehouse – this Pommie thinks it’s plain weird! Here are some examples of showbags
  • farm animals on show (cows, sheep etc – prizes for the  best)
  • cat and dog show competitions
  • exhibits and prizes for flowers, vegetables, cakes etc etc
  • artworks on display
  • woodchopping competition – YES YOU HEARD ME! It was awesome. Woodchopping is actually a competitive sport – YES IT IS – it was invented in Australia, and the biggest woodcutting competition in the world (they call it the ‘Wimbledon of Woodcutting’) takes place at the Royal Easter Show. I have to say, it was amazingly captivating – three different kinds of chopping, all with very precise rules. The best one is one where they have a really tall pole, and they have to cut a wedge in it, and jam a plank in the bit they cut, and then stand on the plank to get higher up the pole, and work their way up the pole to the top. IT WAS BRILLIANT – this Pommie recommends woodcutting as a spectator sport FOR SURE.

Had a great time at the show – highlights being the animals and the woodchopping!

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