The Hunter Valley weekend

We bought a lot of wine!

We bought a lot of wine!

Went for a weekend to the Hunter Valley – which is famous for its wine tasting and fine-dining. We didn’t do that much fine dining, but plenty of wine tasting. It was really enjoyable – most of the tastings were very informative, and we ended up buying TONS of wine – that’s the secret – they get you pissed then sell you the wine 🙂

We had a day in a horse-drawn cart, which was quite fun even though it pissed with rain on that day. The evenings were spent drinking wine and watching films in the hotel room.  Very relaxing. Thumbs up to Hunter Valley from these Pommies and MDF’s friend who went up there with us (she had been there lots of times before)

The wineries we visited were:

1) Petersons Champagne House
2) Pepper Tree
3) Pooles Rock (Cockfighter’s Ghost, Firestick)
4) Pokolbin Estate
5) Tamberlaine Organic Wines
6) Kevin Sobels
7) Brokenwood

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