Port Macquarie – Koala Hospital

It was time for a weekend away! Spent over an hour on a plane and was still in New South Wales… big Australia.

Destination = Port Macquarie, First stop = Koala Hospital

Look how cute Koalas are!

Look how cute Koalas are!

The Koala Hospital looks after sick and injured Koalas which get brought in usually after they have been hit by a car or attacked by a dog. There are quite a lot of Koalas around Port Macquarie, although they are hard to spot.

Because their habitat has been divided by roads and development – extra eucalyptus trees have been planted to join the bits of forest together  – these are called ‘Koala Corridors’.

The quite well-recovered Koalas are in enclosures outside, and the ones in serious condition are inside in intensive-care type units. They have a talk at 3pm where they give you a bit of info about them, and you can see them being fed. Koalas sleep for 20 out of 24 hours – lazy Koalas 🙂

Even though you don’t get to go inside the hospital, it’s still worth a trip up there – it’s only a few km from town, and the KOALAS ARE SO CUTE!

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