Trip to Greenwich

A suburb called Greenwich is just a short, handy ferry ride away from Balmain, so we set out with the plan to ‘go over there and have some coffee and cake’ – a plan my Dad would be proud of 🙂

Greenwich Baths

Greenwich Baths

Unfortunately Greenwich is fairly residential and eating and drinking facilities were not to be found easily. Luckily we discovered the hidden gem of Greenwich Baths – a little harbourside pool which even had it’s own bit of sand.

What’s more – they had coffee and doughnuts – RESULT! Happy Pommies all round! There is a small entrance fee to the area, but the kind lady let us in without paying as long as we ‘stayed within the cafe area’. ‘No worries’ we said (us Pommies have picked up the lingo already..)

It was such a nice place, that MDF went back the week after – and even had a swim! Pommie in the water!

Greenwich Baths

Greenwich Baths

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