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Energy Australia’s magic $200 deposit

Despite having not received a gas bill after living in this house for over 5 months (thanks AGL – I do have two different gas account numbers though?!), the electric people (Energy Australia) went the other way and had demanded … Continue reading

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I’ve been missing the neck and shoulder massages that were a regular occurence in the UK, so have been seeking out options here in Sydney. The first try for me and MDF was the place at the Manly ferry terminal. … Continue reading

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Our lovely (not really) new fence

When we moved in there was a battered old wooden fence with most bits missing and a gaping hole between us and next door. The landlord said it would be replaced, and a mere 5 months later someone came to … Continue reading

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The Australian National Maritime Museum

Another fine museum in Sydney – The Australian National Maritime Museum is also free to get in (except for some outside ship museum parts they have – we didn’t have time to look at these anyway). They have some permanent … Continue reading

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British Lolly Shop

What the HELL is this?! British ‘LOLLY’ shop – how dare they? They are not ‘lollies’ – they are SWEETS – IT’S A SWEET SHOP, NOT A BLOODY LOLLY SHOP. Lollies come on sticks – how hard is that? Fair … Continue reading

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Palak Paneer – new version

There’s a lot of ‘ready-to-eat’ Indian Food around these parts. Being adventurous Pommies we are trying all the different brands – most of them are imported from India. We’re discovering that the brands are pretty much the same – but … Continue reading

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Balmain Walk (+ Sydney model)

It’s reasonably scenic in our own neighbourhood, so we took a Sunday walk around the edges of Balmain. Now that we have bikes we don’t have travel cards every week, so when we do have them we are a bit … Continue reading

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