The Australian Museum

The Bone Ranger (not my caption :-) )

The Bone Ranger (not my caption 🙂 )

This museum was great! I’m not always one for museums – but we were totally engrossed and actually ran out of time! A trip back is planned.

The reason we went here was for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition – it’s the same one that we Pommies invented that’s on in London every year. After London it goes on to other less important places.. 🙂

After that we went round the museum – we could have probably got round it in a day if it wasn’t for the wildlife photos exhibition (and if we’d got up earlier..)

Highlights were the skeleton area, which had AMAZING skeletons of all kinds of animals, the Aboriginal area, which was extremely interesting, and the Mega Fauna bit, with GIANT extinct animals. We had to leave before we’d properly seen those.. BOO!

Modern Aboriginal Art

Modern Aboriginal Art

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