Bother with Helmets

Dirt lid helmet - too hot, too heavy...

Dirt lid helmet - too hot, too heavy...

In Sydney it’s the law that you have to wear a cycle helmet while cycling. Frankly that’s BORING. I won’t mention that in free Pommie land it’s up to the individual, as undoubtedly that will lead to a law being introduced there as well.

Being a newly arrived migrant I’ve decided to comply with the law, but having never owned a cycle helmet, I didn’t make a good choice first time around. The first one I bought was a ‘dirtbike lid’ – maybe that should have rang alarm bells, but it was cheaper than the other ones – and was a COOL COLOUR!

However, it was very uncomfortable and extremely hot, and too heavy. FAIL.

New, lighter helmet

New, lighter helmet

The second one I tried was just slightly uncomfortable and slightly hot – which is still much better. Still extremely irritating though – I guess I’ll get used to it – doesn’t seem to bother anyone else – BORING.

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