Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

The final main stop on our way home was just outside Canberra – being still animal-obsessed Pommies – our target this time was a Koala.

They have semi-wild Koalas at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve so off we went to look for them. It’s a nice place with a fair few walks, tons of kangaroos, and ice-cream at the visitor’s centre.

We headed straight for the Koala area and after half an hour we found one hidden in a tree! He was cool. We marked his location with a special pattern of stones and twigs on the path, so we could come back later and see if he was still there.

Wandered around the rest of the park and saw mostly kangaroos, plus a rare Rock Wallaby and looked for Platypus again at the end. As it’s a nature reserve the animals are not really wild – they can’t go outside their large enclosed areas – but they can still be hard to spot – especially the Koalas.

We went back to the secret Koala spot and he was still there – YES HE DOES LOVE US AFTER ALL! Actually it turns out Koalas sleep for 20 hours out of 24! Yes – really – no wonder he hadn’t gone anywhere.

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