Bomballa – platypus home!

Yes this is WILD platypus!

Yes this is WILD platypus!

As far as animal spotting goes, we were being pretty greedy Pommies – but hey that’s what we like to do. We left the coast and headed inland with the main purpose of finding a platypus. Platypus are exceptionally cool as they are the relative of the Echidnas – the super animal of Australia.

They are pretty hard to spot though – you have to be at dusk or dawn and not much of them sticks out of the water. We went to Bomballa Platypus reserve and waited an hour – yes Pommie dedication – and finally we spotted one – considering how little of the platypus we actually saw I would say that we were disproportionately excited. But hey – to a Pommie a platypus actually is REALLY exciting!

Platypus country!

Platypus country!

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