Nowra via Kiama

The drive out of Sydney was pretty slow, but after that things got better. Nice stretch of coast to go along – we were heading for a town called Nowra. We didn’t really stop on the way except at Kiama to see the world famous blowhole that never does anything. That’s twice for MDF – and still no blowhole excitement.

Most Pommies I think like to make derogatory comments about Sydney drivers – but I’ll refrain for the time being – except to say that they seem to be fans of tailgating.

One bizarre thing we saw was that people had used padlocks as kind of memorials attached to a road bridge – Love Padlocks – apparently a world-wide phenomena! This was the first time I had seen any!

The bridge is called the Sea Cliff Bridge – and apparently the padlocks are a recent thing.

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One Response to Nowra via Kiama

  1. Kev says:

    There are loads of padlocks in Florence, but only in one place, maybe it’s new there too, but there were hundreds of them.

    I’d never seen it before either

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