Some readers – especially those who love barbecues – you know who you are – will be distressed to have found that so far no barbecue activity had been undertaken.

Well – the wait is over – yes a true blue Aussie barbecue was attended by me and MDF on this date (Nov 7th)….

Ok. Well there are a few issues that need to be addressed for the sake of journalistic integrity.. It was actually a vegetarian barbecue (as long as you think that fish are vegetarian), and it was at the house of another Pommie…

OH DEAR – I can almost sense your disappointment – we are very sorry – a very UN Australian barbie – we promise to try harder next time – really we do..

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One Response to Barbecue!

  1. David says:

    You can’t get my hopes up like that. You title the post ‘Barbecue’ and include an exclamation mark, that just increased my excitement. Basically, what I was expecting pictures of meat.

    No pictures. No meat.

    So that I don’t leave my computer disappointed, Google Images came to the rescue.

    Only post on your blog once you’ve had a proper barbecue!


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