Have you heard the saying – ‘The journey is more important than the destination’ ? (Might not be an ACTUAL saying – WHATEVER…)

Well in the case of Parramatta – never a truer word was spoken. We hopped on the ferry at Balmain for a lovely trip down the river (with a brief stop at Cockatoo Island for a coffee). It was a very pleasant journey as the harbour area gave way to a river.

An hour or so later we were in Parramatta – which you might call the ‘Stratford’ (East London) of Sydney. It sees itself as up and coming, and is a major transport interchange – but really it ain’t up to much.

We had a wander around – looked at a few old buildings, had the WORST COFFEE we have had since arrival (reported to the coffee police) – then we legged it.

There were lots of blokes with thick necks, big muscles and tattoos – apparently they are called ‘Westies‘ . We even saw a couple of mullets (not the fish…)

All in all, the ferry ride is to be recommended, but Parramatta didn’t do much for us.

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