Ordering broadband

You might think it’s a simple task to get broadband lined up for your house – but NO – Not in Australia. Us Pommies have had it so easy – pay about 20 or 30 quid or month – get supplied with broadband – BOB IS YOUR UNCLE.

Over here there are so many different providers, with so many different ‘plans’ that there is a whole website just devoted to getting the best broadband – YES – I KID YOU NOT


This is because there are about a million different deals, and they all have bandwidth caps – WHAT?! Yes, that’s right only a certain number of MBs  per month or YOU ARE DONE FOR!

Well, the kinder offers merely throttle your speed until the new month comes around, whereas the meaner offers actually bill you extra money for going over your limit – WTF.

And when you order it here, they give you NOTHING – not even a measly ADSL filter – you have to buy everything yourself – no BT Home Hubs over here – no sireee. They will of course sell the routers to you at the same time as you order broadband – for a vastly inflated price.

Packages not being complicated enough, they come bundled with phone or without phone at all (this is called NAKED DSL), and some offer more bandwidth off-peak. Some of them even come with port restrictions – YES – no naughty file sharing for you.

I asked for advice and everyone said ‘anyone except Telstra’ – although they are all crap….

Ho Hum – so I trawled the internet for hours looking for the best deal and came up with www.spin.net.au

When you phone up they make you listen to a recording of the terms and conditions being read out to you over the phone for about 3 minutes – then they come back on and say ‘Do you agree with those terms and conditions?’
‘I think so’ – I replied. Cue confusion at the other end of whether I had agreed or not…

Anyway – despite all this I have to say it was a relatively painless process. A mere 12 working days later (took a bit longer than usual because apparently the last resident of the house didn’t bother disconnecting his phone) broadband was activated and it all works mostly fine (sometimes it drops the connection). I have 10 MB a month plus a phone for $49 per month.

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2 Responses to Ordering broadband

  1. David says:

    You mean 10gb right?

  2. sydneypommie says:

    OOPS! Yes I do mean 10GB 🙂
    (They are not quite that mean…)

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