Insurance, Insurance

More paperwork to be done – HO HUM – YAWN. First up – Ambulance insurance. When us Pommies get knocked over we have to pay for our own ambulances – YES – IT’S TRUE! Actually, not just us Pommies, but other New South Wales residents also – see this confusing entry I wrote about Medicare.

Trying to buy Pommie Ambulance Insurance online is quite tricky – cos they know that you have only the yellow Pommie Medicare Card, and they are DESPERATE to sell you a special very expensive Expat super cover-all insurance policy. Gave up after a fruitless experience, and phoned them up. This proved to be much easier – me and MDF covered for one year – ALL DONE.

Next up – house contents insurance – this was quite painless except they asked me questions about what the walls and roof of the house were made of – HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT! Do I look like a builder..

Anyway. it was between AAMI and NRMA – I declared AAMI the winner, even though they seem to specialise in car insurance  – DONE.

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