Got the keys – knackered windows – no gas?

Today was the day we got access to our lovely new house. Luckily we still had a week left before we had to move in – otherwise we would have been sleeping on the floor. We are novices at this unfurnished lettings game, and to be honest we are a bit crap at spotting things in a house – like the fact that the window fittings were all knackered so the windows wouldn’t close properly.

BORING BORING – anyway, we were a bit disheartened, so we made a list of all the maintenance issues and sent it to the estate agents. A few days passed and no-one had been to do anything – I was annoyed, and then we figured out that the hot water and cooker were not working. Now I was REALLY annoyed. They had just put a new boiler in – so obviously not tested it. I rang up and got shirty.

To cut a long story short – my whinging didn’t make things happen any faster, but everything was fixed the day before we had to move in. The handyman they sent round was AWESOME – yes I think he may have been a genius. He fixed things in a clever old-fashioned way, like the way the A-Team made inventions out of nothing.

Saturday October 30th was the first night in the new place, and everything was in working order if a little rough around the edges.

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