Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

As it was MDF’s birthday, we thought we should do something cool, so we had booked ourselves on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

Basically, you get to go to the top of the harbour bridge, for some amazing views of the harbour. We were very impressed with the whole experience – we got lucky with the weather too. You get kitted out in climbing suits, with a harness – no loose items whatsoever allowed up top – there is a motorway underneath so dropping anything would be disastrous. They provide everything (hanky, hat, walkie talkie so you can hear the guide properly) and it’s all attached to you so it can’t fall off. You go up in groups of 14 with a guide. Our guide was excellent – pretty funny (for an Aussie 🙂 ) and very knowledgable.

The whole operation is run in a very safe and professional manner. The only downside is you can’t take your camera up, so you can’t take pics. They do the standard tourist attraction thing and take the pictures for you and sell them to you at the end. In the entrance hall they have pics of all the famous people who have done the climb, For example Robert De Niro, Will Smith, Prince William – YES HOW FAMOUS ARE THEY!

The actual climb is pretty easy – not very steep, not very hard. There isn’t really much chance you could fall off except there is a couple of ladders. As you are attached to the sides at all times it’s extremely safe.

The views are really excellent at the top – it’s a fair bit higher than the pylon viewing area, and a very good panorama – but it’s the whole experience that makes it. We had lots of fun – it was better than expected! AWESOME!

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