Suppliers, Suppliers

Now that we had a place to live with no furniture – we needed to sort out electricity, gas, and water. Water was taken care of – we apparently pay the Landlord for that.

As in the UK there was a bunch of different suppliers who can do both electricity and gas. We ended up with AGL for gas, and Energy Australia for electricity. On the end of the phone the guy answering was helpful in both cases – however Energy Australia charge a $200 deposit unless you set up a direct debit (not very trusting are they?!) I gave them my bank details thinking it was for the direct debit but they used it to take the $200 deposit?! WHATEVER – I am now in the Pommie zen zone about this kind of thing. AGL told me that my gas had been cut off – this was correct there was no gas – BORING – still in the zen zone though. They said it was $69 to reconnect it – YEAH WHATEVER – somehow they did this, and managed to set up 2 accounts for me – I have 2 ‘Welcome to AGL’ letters with different account numbers on – AWESOME – let’s hope I don’t get 2 bills – I’m sure I will. Nothing has come yet – I am still in the zen zone of calmness.

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