Trip to Melbourne

Only just got to Sydney, and there I was – hopping on a plane to Melbourne. Not just that – I was going for just one day. Australians seem to think that Melbourne and Sydney are close together – no they ain’t – Leeds and Bradford, now THAT’S close together. Anyway – I had a meeting in Melbourne so off I went.

I went with Virgin Blue, who have a pretty plane. Look.

This pretty plane flies to Melbourne

It was raining in Melbourne, and extremely freezing (like 9 degrees) – hey – I am a Sydney acclimatised Pom now – that feels cold. Didn’t explore much, but did take some pictures of the world-famous ETIHAD stadium and the area around it, which was extremely deserted and lifeless.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not much to eat at Melbourne Airport (domestic terminal), which is accessed via a special bus which drives along a motorway for 20 minutes to a place called Tullamarine (sounds nicer than it actually is..)

Wasn’t that impressed with Melbourne city centre, but maybe that’s cos it was raining and I was tired.

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