Walk around Glebe

Now that we had a found a house to live in, we had gotten out of having to look at houses on Saturday – however, our house came without a single stick of furniture in it whatsoever – I kid you not. Not even a washing machine, or dare I say it – NOT EVEN A FRIDGE! How will we keep the beer cold!!

So we thought we would stroll down to Glebe from Balmain via Rozelle, and a bunch of second-hand furniture shops. Although we are in the ‘more interesting’ (that means actually having a few shops and not streets that are about a mile wide) suburbs of Sydney – there were still a few ‘boring’ patches where there was nothing to look at. Us Pommies need visual stimulation man – what’s going on?!

We did look in a lot of furniture shops, but even the second hand ones were WELL PRICEY. The Salvos and Vinnies (that’s Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul Society more formally) had a few OK looking bargains, but not that many. It looked like a gigantic trip to IKEA was going to be in order. There is only ONE IKEA in the whole of New South Wales! Imagine how busy that might be (not that busy actually.. but hey we Pommies are from London – we know what BUSY really is..)

All in all a pleasant stroll, and some good furniture scouting happened – plus at the back of Glebe there are some good views of the Anzac Bridge. Glebe is cool spot, with good bookshops and restaurants (haven’t tried the restaurants yet)

Furniture shops and Views of the Anzac Bridge:

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