Telstra TURBO dongle


Look at this thing of beauty! A dongle for the internet. Dongles are very popular here – there is more variety of dongle activity then you can imagine. You can event get wireless dongles (connect to computer with wireless not USB)

When you buy a PAYG dongle (or phone) here, you have to activate it. This means giving them your name and address basically and the code of the dongle.

Telstra – I have been told by nearly everybody – SUCK! What sucked about this dongle was that there was no online activation – only by phone – BUT NOT JUST ANY OLD PHONE NUMBER – a special Telstra phone number that for some reason only known to them – DOES NOT WORK FROM MY MOBILE PHONE. Ridiculous.

Anyway, after much frustration, in order to use and activate my dongle I had to actually go into a Telstra shop to explain my predicament. They were very helpful, but didn’t activate my dongle for me – Oh no – they gave me a phone, and said “Hey no problem – you can use our phone to activate your dongle”.

How about having a proper phone number for activation!!?! Even better – online activation – everyone else does it – Telstra = minus 20 points.

Continuing the dongle saga – the apartment we rented which came ‘with internet access’ – supplied a Vodaphone dongle. To me, that is not exactly what I think of when I think of ‘comes with Internet Access’ – but what you can do?

Of course the software to use the Vodaphone dongle and the software to use the Telstra dongle won’t work at the same time – ho hum – install – uninstall etc. To cut a long story short – as Spandau Ballet would say – the Vodaphone dongle SUCKS EVEN MORE THAN THE TELSTRA ONE.

The Vodaphone dongle consistently loses connection, crashes, appears in start-up-items when you don’t want it to, disppears, uninstalls itself etc etc etc etc – Vodaphone dongle = minus 100 points.

Apart from the activation issue the Telstra dongle performs rather nicely – software runs nicely, speed is pretty fast, almost never loses the connection. After the Vodaphone dongle it has become a good friend of mine. Telstra dongle = plus 20 points.

No picture of the Vodaphone dongle – cos it’s well ugly, not like the Testra Turbo Next G super dongle. Vodaphone dongle – you’re fired.

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