Rental ‘pack’ and Tenancy Applications

Applying for a tenancy in Australia is not so straightforward as you might think – OH NO! I reckon it’s easier to get into M15 than to persuade somebody that you might be deemed suitable to live in their house. The theory is that you submit your ‘pack’ and a bid for the rent (yes a bid – whatever..) and the owner picks the best option,

These are all the many things you need to provide to apply!

Our bid was going to be the asking price – we Poms aren’t going to play your bidding war games – oh no. We are though going to play your ‘ridiculous levels of identification/authentication’ games, so that evening we put our ‘pack’ together. It consisted of –

– tenancy application form
– copy of a previous tenancy agreement
– copy of passport
– copy of driving license
– copy of medicare card application
– copy of a receipt from a previous landlord showing that a bond (deposit) was paid
– copy of employment contract showing salary
– copy of letter granting my Australian visa
– character reference
– bank statements for 6 months

Not having a scanner, we cleverly resorted to taking pictures of these things. It took about an hour to get it all done, and finally our pack was ready to submit!

THE NEXT DAY WE WERE SUCCESSFUL!! YAY! We had somewhere to live! This also meant we didn’t need to traipse around 5 viewings on Saturday – AWESOME as they say.

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