Bondi and Bronte

The final area on our suburb tour to find the best place to live, was the Eastern beaches. We figured we wouldn’t be up for living in Bondi, but we had been told that suburbs close to it along the coast such as Bronte, Clovelly, or Coogee might be worth a look.

So off we headed by train to Bondi Junction, which seemed to be a massive shopping mall, and the bus to the world famous Bondi Beach. Unsurprisingly Bondi beach was full of surfers. It’s a very pretty area coastline wise, with a scenic walk all along the coast to Coogee.

By this time, I think we had figured that we were going to want to live in Balmain. Bondi didn’t seem to feel right, and walking towards Bronte it was pleasanter, but not quite enough to make us want to live there. We decided that being close to the water on the harbour was good enough, and that we didn’t need to live close to the sea.

Then it started raining so we went home. Decision was made – we were going to live in Balmain.

Pics of Bondi:

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