Good Dips and Beer

It's safe to eat Chris' dips - they are tasty.

After the mayo episode we were a bit scared of all the strange food and drink they have here – but you gotta eat (and drink), so we ventured on. We wanted hummus, and we wanted Tzatzike (if that’s how you spell it). From the multitude of brands we picked ‘Chris’ – he seems to a very happy dude, although with a slightly dodgy hand gesture in my opinion – we trusted his face instantly though – he looks like a good chef, and we were not disappointed! Chris rocks! Well done Chris!

Also on the ‘good’ list is ‘Pure Blond’ beer – our beverage of choice in the cold, wet evenings (I am not kidding about the weather – it’s rubbish at the moment). Tastes nice, and it’s apparently Low Carb! Yes – we can drink as much as we want and not get fat – it says on the label. Low Carb beer is very popular here, but we didn’t choose it for that reason – honest guv.

Beer that makes you thinner when you drink it.

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One Response to Good Dips and Beer

  1. David says:

    Wish low carb beer would take off over here. Then there’s no excuse to be drinking at the Bricklayers each evening.

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