The First House Viewing

We still had the Bondi/Bronte area to look at in our suburb checking out, but we were getting the sneaking suspicion that we would end up in Balmain. We like Balmain – Balmain is cool!

With this in mind we arranged to view a house, and at 5pm we were outside 110 Curtis Road, Balmain to meet ‘Tony’. Tony wasn’t very friendly – he didn’t even say hello to me! He opened the door without a word, and then just stood outside while we wandered around in the house. He obviously hasn’t been to Estate Agent lessons.

The house was a bit crap – it was 2 houses joined together with a gap in the middle. There was like a corridor connecting 2 houses together – LAME! So it was NO to Tony, and NO to the house. Back to the drawing board.

We had learnt that that because demand for rentals far outstrips supply (which perhaps explains Tony’s laziness), then it’s usual for viewings to be conducted on mass at a specific time – usually on Saturdays. Essentially there is a 20 minute slot where everyone who is interested looks at the property at the same time, and then they go away and submit a bid. YES a BID! Are you serious?! You put down what you want to pay for the rent and all the bids get submitted to the owner. What’s that all about?! The advertised price is apparently the ‘guide’ price.

We had 4 such viewings all lined up for Saturday and were certainly not looking forward to this process. With each application you submit a ‘pack’ – with about a billion references and forms of ID – marvellous. More about the pack coming later…

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