Virgin Bean Counter

Needing phones for when we arrived, I had done the research before leaving the UK on PAYG phones, and found that the rates were – how shall I put it – crap! 28c (17p) per minute for regular calls – that sucks in my book, and was the pretty standard rate. However there was a deal from Virgin (yes they are all over Australia with phones and planes) called ‘Bean Counter’ – with a much better rate. The catch was you could only order the SIM on the internet. We did this, and had our SIMS delivered to a friend which we picked up on arrival. All good so far.

Not so good when the credit seemed to expire in about 2 minutes, Lo and behold, the sims were on the wrong tariff, not on the bean counter. Black mark to Virgin.

However – one email to Virgin customer services got a very friendly response saying sorry, and giving me an extra $10 credit to make up for it. Awesome! Full marks to Virgin.

Weirdly – when you buy a PAYG phone here, you have to tell them your full name and address?! And it’s only one purchase allowed per person! Does that happen in the UK? Never used to…

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