Mosman and Balmoral Beach

‘Balmoral’ I hear you say? Isn’t that one of our names? You ain’t heard nothing yet – confusion reigns here, I’ve already seen Croydon, Lewisham, and Woolwich – maybe they only use crap places names?

Anyway I digress – 2nd stop on the suburb checking out reccie was Mosman and Balmoral Beach in the North Shore area. Took a 20 minute ferry from Circular Quay (central ferry point), and it was a LOVELY voyage. Sydney is surprisingly hilly and it was like cruising in the fjords of Norway by the time we got there.

Mosman itself was a pretty nice place – it seemed a bit posh in a South-West London type of way, but it’s in a great location, and Balmoral beach was very pretty. It’s a harbour beach so no surfers, and was pretty chiiled out. The whole neighbourhood was very nice, but a bit suburban in parts, and reminded us of places like Chelsea. You might call it posh. It’s very close to the centre, just across from the harbour.

Verdict: probably wouldn’t go for it – but very nice. Anything near any water was out of our price range anyway, so Mosman – you’re out of the running. We forgot our cameras so no pics – sorry!

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