Manly and Dee Why

Manly is pretty famous – Dee Why is not. This was the first stop on our very quick 3 days ‘reccy’ tour of some suburbs to see if we could work out where we should live.

First stop – Manly – capital of the Northern Beaches area, and 30 minutes from the CBD (city centre) on a fast ferry. Ferry ride was nice if not a little windy. Manly was quite a buzzing place – a load of shops and a great big massive beach full of surfers. Beach is very nice, but insanely crowded on a hot summer weekend I would imagine. It was quite crowded on a chilly overcast day.

Manly is also a bit of a tourist capital, and although we want to be near the water – we don’t think surfer beach/tourist place is for us now that we are reaching our senior years (34 and over…)

With Manly ruled out we headed on the bus up to a place called Dee Why, which had been sort of recommended by an Australian we know. We messed up when we got off the bus, and ended up in a weird suburban wilderness like the American movies, which disconcerted us a bit.

Dee Why itself felt a bit run down and forlorn – again a massive beach full of surfers, but much more chilled out, and not that many shops and facilities. We are urban pommies from the metropolis of London, and it was just too quiet for us, and too far from the centre and facilities. That was Dee Why off the list.

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