Welcome to Sydney

After 24+ hours on 2 planes with a stop in Hong Kong, was not feeling too clever when we landed at Sydney Airport. Not impressed by the fact that our suitcase seemed to have exploded and had luggage entrails hanging out of it, and was only surviving by having a strap holding the case together.

Next, there was a massive queue as everyone declared their wood, plants, food, and other items that might be dangerous to Australia. Was perplexed by an item on the form asking me to declare anything worth over $900 (£600 ish). Ticked the box because of the laptop I was carrying, and ended up having the following conversation with the customs man:

‘What have you got that costs over $900?’
‘Erm – a laptop’
‘How much did it cost?’
‘Erm – about £1200’
‘Oh yeah mate – what’s that in real money?’
‘Erm, Erm, Errr , Erm’ (Jetlag kicking in now – maths skills failing)
‘Are you an Aussie or a Pom?’
‘Erm – A Pom’ (yes, I said that)
‘How long have you had it?’
‘Er – about 3 months’
‘So it’s worth about $1000?’ (not sure where this calculation came from)
‘Errr , Erm, Err’
‘So, in that case I can sign it off – yes?’
‘Erm – yes?’

And I was on my way…. Our wood was deemed safe, as was our packet of biscuits, and with some relief we were allowed into Australia.

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