Bank Accounts

Our NAB branch in Balmain

Our NAB branch in Balmain

Not content to just feel tired after Lunch, we decided to do at least one ‘chore’ on our arrival day. ‘Chore’ meaning anything administrative – of which we had figured out there was a lot to do upon starting up in Australia.

Opening bank accounts was deemed the chore. After some thorough research (30 minutes on the internet), we decided it was a no-brainer. NAB it would be. Westpac, ANZ, and Commonwealth have the AUDACITY to charge for their banking! Us poms expect free banking, that’s all there is to it. HSBC also offered free banking, but they’ve got hardly any branches, so NAB it was.

Opening the account was a much more straightforward process than in the UK – none of this proof of address bollocks that UK banks ask for – as if you aren’t allowed to do any banking if you’ve just moved somewhere. All we needed was a passport! Apparently, this applies for the first 6 weeks of arriving in Australia, and after that they use the 100 point check. It’s 70 for a passport, and 40 for a driving license so no worries on that score anyway.

The lady was friendly and helpful – although a bit surprised to find us opening bank accounts 4 hours after our plane had landed. Full marks to NAB Balmain branch.

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