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Have you heard the saying – ‘The journey is more important than the destination’ ? (Might not be an ACTUAL saying – WHATEVER…) Well in the case of Parramatta – never a truer word was spoken. We hopped on the … Continue reading

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Ordering broadband

You might think it’s a simple task to get broadband lined up for your house – but NO – Not in Australia. Us Pommies have had it so easy – pay about 20 or 30 quid or month – get … Continue reading

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Fridge comes Early

What time do you think is appropriate for a delivery man to phone to tell you what time they are going to deliver a fridge? NOT AT 6.30am! Us Pommies like to be asleep at 6.30am – WHAT IS IT … Continue reading

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Insurance, Insurance

More paperwork to be done – HO HUM – YAWN. First up – Ambulance insurance. When us Pommies get knocked over we have to pay for our own ambulances – YES – IT’S TRUE! Actually, not just us Pommies, but … Continue reading

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Furniture, Furniture, Furniture

It was time for the furniture blitz – a WHOLE house to furnish – OMG. Starting point – look in the junk shops: Verdict: Mostly quite expensive for what you get. We didn’t buy any of it – No siree … Continue reading

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…Next stop – IKEA. Despite everyone saying how awfully busy it was – it wasn’t that bad. Next day delivery service and hey presto we had a bed, wardrobe, bookshelf, dining table, and 4 chairs. LOTS OF BUILDING TO DO.. … Continue reading

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Awesome Indian Food in quick packets

Look at this brilliant invention! Really good Indian dishes available in quick supermarket format. They were actually pretty damn tasty. They are made in India and imported, and there’s a range of about eight dishes – bring on the GOOD … Continue reading

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